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У нас вы сможете скачать «The world of books презентация» в PDF, TCR, CHM, JAR, RTF, TXT, EPUB, FB2, DOC, PRC DJVU, isilo, LIT, HTML, МОВІ, LRF, AZW3! Check yourself A horror story A fairy tale A detective story 5 слайд 6 слайд Описание слайда: Curious Facts About Books Many, many years ago a town crier ran through the streets and shouted out all the news.

But now we live in the Atomic Age. Too many things happen too quickly for us to learn them in the old fashioned way. That is why we have to read more and more in order to find out what is happening in the world. Have you ever thought about the kind of books people used long ago. It is only in the last years that books have been printed on paper.

Before that time the only way of making books was to write them out by hand. No one knows when writing first began, but we have found drawings on the walls of caves which are at least years old.

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The invention of paper played a very important part in the development of books. In the 11th century the art of papermaking reached Europe but no trace of printing was found in Europe until It is known that Johann Gutenberg secretly tried out ways of printing in Strasbourg, Germany, in The knowledge of the methods of printing spread so quickly over the Continent of Europe that by the year nearly every country had started printing books.

The first book printed in the Russian language appeared in Moscow on the first of March, Up to that time there were only handwritten books in Russia. Caxton 9 слайд Описание слайда: Robert Burns is the famous poet of Great Britain and the national poet of Scotland. He was born in on the 25th of January. He was born in Ayrshire, Scotland. He was the eldest of 7 children, growing up in a life of poverty and hard farm work. And this is the cottage, where Robert Burns was born. The family was very poor.

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